Day&Night Sight

The ruggedly designed tactical MHB series night vision monocular features automatic brightness control, integrated IR illuminator, IR “On” and low battery indicators to achieve high performance,

  • Model: DN650G
  • Price:

Day & Night Sights are available for all kinds of rifle, Like AK, Sniper rifle, INCLE, 375 H&H,416 RIGBY, 50 CAL etc weapons,Rugged and compact, Easy to operate under all kinds of environment & climate & low night condition in the day & night. The sights have been tested by govt department, and get good feedback from them, so it is a good choose for hunting, Security, Police, Law enforcement, Ground force, Military.


  • -Multi-functional mount rail system fitting all kinds of rifle.

  • -Day & Night use.

  • -Internal mil-dot-reticle red on green system.

  • -Brightness Source protection.

  • -Shift by one key for day & night use.

  • -Strong shockproof, use with(INCL.375 H&H,416 RIGBY, 50 CAL.)

  • -RUSSIN Optics system

  • -High accuracy Reticle adjustment systems.

  • -Easy to operation.

  • -Do not need to adjustment when weapon changed.

  • -Diopter range adjustment.

  • -Waterproof


Model #  DN6504
Magnification, x    5
Field of view, deg  
Lens system   110mmF/1.2  
Focus range, m/in  10m to infinity
Eye relief distance, mm50
Diopter setting, D                 +5, -5
Overall dimensions, mm       318X98X102
Weight, g                           1700
Power supply  1XCR123
Estimated battery life  Up to 60h

ClassificationOMNI III, IVOMNI II
Photocathode type18mm GaAs18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm≥1800600-900
Resolution, typical, lp/mm64-7248-58/57-64/64-70
Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd45000-6500019000-30000
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical23:1 or better 20:1 or better 
FOM, typical≥15001150-1350
Tube reliability standard, hour120001000
Keep time, typical, year1510
Warranty, year21

Detection range, approx.,  m

 -quarter moon              up to 600up to 510
-cloud cover               up to 450up to 300
Recognition range, approx., m

-quarter moon           up to 450up to 380
-cloud cover                up to 400up to 250
5mW IR illuminator, approx., m/yard   up to 100

Operating temperature, °C          -30° to +50°
Storage temperature, °C              -35° to +55°
Immersion, hour                        IP65
Humidity, %                                  Up to 98%

Whats in box:

  • Night Vision Devices

  • Hard carry case

  • User manual

  • Warranty card

  • Lens cloth

  • Desiccant

  • Battery(Optional)