Front Attached Night Vision System

The ruggedly designed tactical MHB series night vision monocular features automatic brightness control, integrated IR illuminator, IR “On” and low battery indicators to achieve high performance,

  • Model: KMF130
  • Price:

KMF130 high accuracy low light night vision front attached scope is equipped for high accuracy rifle, and other hunting rifle with picatinny rail, connecting with the front part of day riflescope to use, which used for night viewing/aiming.


  • Gen2+/3 Image intensifier tube

  • Hight accuracy day scope adjusted well for usage

  • No need effect to the aiming point and adjusting the rifle connect with the front part of day light riflescope directly at night

  • Can be mounted on CS/LR4 series high precision rifles in 7.62mm

  • The shooting distance from 20m to 110m



Model #  KMF130
Magnification, x    1
Field of view, deg  
Objective Lens 70
Overall dimensions, mm       213x82x96
Weight, g                           1000
Power supply  1XCR123

ClassificationOMNI III, IVOMNI II
Photocathode type18mm GaAs18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm≥1800600-900
Resolution, typical, lp/mm64-7248-58/57-64/64-70
Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd45000-6500019000-30000
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical23:1 or better 20:1 or better 
FOM, typical≥15001150-1350
Tube reliability standard, hour120001000
Keep time, typical, year1510
Warranty, year21

Operating temperature, °C          -30° to +50°
Storage temperature, °C              -35° to +55°
Immersion, hour                        1 meter for 0.5 (Optional)
Humidity, %     Up to 98%
Day time riflescope

Magnification8.5x-32x(Continuously adjustable)
FOV8.5x2.8, 32x0.75
Exit pupil diameter≥1.4mm
Focusing range50m to infinity(Continuously adjustable)
Diopter range-4 +2
Reticle RangeHight-Low: 8-0, direction: -4 +4mil
Reticle accuracy range0.02mil±20%
Hit zero momentum≤0.15mil
Weight                  ≤1.2kg(battery included, accessories exclusive)

Whats in box:

  • Night Vision Model

  • Hard carry case

  • User manual

  • Warranty card

  • Lens cloth

  • Desiccant

  • Battery(Optional)