4.4X Gen2+/3 Night Vision Scope RM-580

The ruggedly designed tactical MHB series night vision monocular features automatic brightness control, integrated IR illuminator, IR “On” and low battery indicators to achieve high performance,

  • Model: RM-580
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RM580 adopts high performance Gen2+  image intensifier tubes,which largely improves observation definition and extend your distance up to 250-350m.As long as the luminance is up to 0.001 Lux, you can engage in snipe war in the wild at night. Furthermore, this scope has the function of anti-glare, that is, it can be auto off when it aims at the strong light suddenly. and fits for city battle. It also matched with infrared equipment for compensating the brightness, which makes the military battle possible at different condition. Besides, it fits for international common standard picantiny rail, and it can be used for G3 style 7.62mm and G2 style 5.8mm snipe rfile respectively with mount rail systems.


+ 4.4x magnification

+ Gen 2+/3 IIT

+ Shockproof even with heavy recoil (incl. .375H&H cal.)

+ Special high light transmission optics

+ Long eye relief

+ Precision tactical windage/elevation adjustment (1/4 MOA)

+ Wide range of mounts

+ Water resistance/ waterpoof

+ Extremely light weight

+ Can be mounted to G2,G3 and AK-47etc

+ Reached up to US Military standard FOM<1250


Model #  RM-580
Magnification, x    4.4
Field of view, deg  9.3°
Lens system   110mmF/1.2  
Focus range, m/in  10m to infinity
Eye relief distance, mm45
Diopter setting, D                 +3, -4
Overall dimensions, mm       294x89x81
Weight, g                           1227
Power supply  1XCR123
Estimated battery life  Up to 60h

ClassificationOMNI III, IVOMNI II
Photocathode type18mm GaAs18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm≥1800600-900
Resolution, typical, lp/mm64-7248-58/57-64/64-70
Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd45000-6500019000-30000
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical23:1 or better 20:1 or better 
FOM, typical≥15001150-1350
Tube reliability standard, hour120001000
Keep time, typical, year1510
Warranty, year21

Detection range, approx.,  m

 -quarter moon              up to 400up to 310
-cloud cover               up to 250up to 200
Recognition range, approx., m

-quarter moon           up to 250up to 180
-cloud cover                up to 200up to 150
5mW IR illuminator, approx., m/yard   up to 100

Operating temperature, °C          -30° to +50°
Storage temperature, °C              -35° to +55°
Immersion, hour                        IP65
Humidity, %                                  Up to 98%

Whats in box:

  1. Night Vision Devices

  2. External IR

  3. Hard carry case

  4. User manual

  5. Warranty card

  6. Lens cloth

  7. Desiccant

  8. Battery(Optional)